Nuts, bolts, hot tips, and road-tested information from Holly Million for indie filmmakers raising money

A Helluva Guide to Indie Film Fundraising Is on Its Way!

I’m pleased as punch to announce that I have begun work on a new fundraising book entitled A Helluva Guide to Indie Film Fundraising. In this book, I draw a detailed road map of film-fundraising Hell, noting the hazards and marking escape routes. Traditional fundraising tactics no longer cut it, especially in this hyper-competitive digital age where abundant, cheap technology has made it impossible to swing a dead cat without hitting another new filmmaker. A Helluva Guide to Indie Film Fundraising covers the universe of fundraising sources, from individuals to foundations to corporations to government funders. It also gives an in-depth look at all the tools in a filmmaker’s arsenal, from letters to the Internet to viral marketing to written proposals to kick-ass events. A Helluva Guide is a fun, straightforward, practical, yet radical guide to indie film fundraising geared to both up-and-coming filmmakers as well as veterans who are finding that their old bag of tricks is no longer producing results.

A Helluva Guide features several components that make it user-friendly and engaging. First, A Helluva Guide to Indie Film Fundraising is sprinkled throughout with “Hella Hot Tips,” useful tidbits of information that give advice in tight “sound bites” that readers can put to use immediately. Second, throughout the book are real examples of appeal letters, grant proposals, event fliers, and other useful road-tested tools that give readers a model to follow. Third, each chapter includes one “Baptized by Fire” interview with a successful filmmaker who has proven fundraising advice to share. In other words, A Helluva Guide to Indie Film Fundraising is fully loaded and ready to drive out of the showroom and directly onto the fundraising freeway.

Stay tuned for more information about A Helluva Guide to Indie Film Fundraising. The expected publication date is Fall 2009.

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