Nuts, bolts, hot tips, and road-tested information from Holly Million for indie filmmakers raising money

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Want to get hands-on experience asking people for money for your film? Sign up for my fundraising class offered through the San Francisco Film Society. Information on the class follows, along with sign up instructions. Hope to see you there!

How to Ask People for Money
Taught by Holly Million
Tuesday, December 2; Wednesday,
December 3; 7:00–10:00 pm
San Francisco Film Centre, Conference Room
39 Mesa Street, The Presidio
San Francisco CA 94129
Enrollment limited to 16; $180 for SFFS members/$200 for non-members

Class description: The universe of foundations that support films rarely changes, except that it is shrinking. At the same time, new filmmakers emerge every day, and all of them are applying to exactly the same places. That is why you must do individual fundraising. Individual fundraising gives you more control, easier access and more solid long-term relationships that keep paying off in the future. This class features a lively, hands-on process to help filmmakers craft the messages and tools they need to approach individual donors. You will put this information to work during the class and become prepared to take your show on the road. The second night of the class includes a mock pitch session with a panel representing potential funders.

Enroll and pay class fees online at For further information, contact Filmmaker Education Manager Michael A. Behrens, at, or call at 415.561.5000.

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  1. Hey Holly, I was looking at your class on the SFFS site. Is your class (or new book) going to cover pros / cons of private / angel investment vs. foundation vs. distribution? What about the burgeoning fundraising / microfinance resources like or Cinetic Media’s film finishing fund? Also, do you see the type of medium (theatrical, TV/Cable, internet) impacting fundraising strategies? Cheers, Ben

  2. Hi, Ben,

    This class is specifically about individual financial donors to indie films, not foundations, although you could use some of these techniques to cultivate foundation program officers. While much of what we will cover applies to donors to noncommercial films, much of this information can successfully be applied in approaches to investors as well. This is mostly going to be about how to package and pitch your film. The other issues you bring up are very interesting, and beyond the scope of this one class, however I hope to address some of these things in future blog posts. See you in class!


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