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Brick by Brick, Raising $500,000

I’ve been writing about the feature narrative, “Nominated,” and my involvement as the producer. Director Dan Pavlik, of Southpaw Productions, has written a fantastic script. In fact, Dan is a script-writing machine. He came to my house for dinner last Friday and slammed another screenplay down on the dining room table. “What? Another one?” I asked. “I got a drawer-full of them!” Dan replied. Some people just can’t stop!

I had originally proposed to Dan that we try to hunt down some equity finance for his film. But that was long before the bubble burst. 2009 is not the year for us to hunt down equity finance, a rare bird in the Bay Area even in a good year. Instead, we are reverting to our hunter-gatherer roots. Dan and I have donned our animal skins and wooden clubs and are going out to hunt us some investors. One bonk on the head with the club, then we drag ’em off by their hair! I guess I’ve seen one too many caveman cartoon.

But seriously, we are going to take a grassroots approach to our fundraising needs. I proposed that we form a core team of 5 or 6 people who will sell shares in the film. Shares will be set at around $1,000, and there will be half shares, quarter shares, etc. The members of the team will be equipped with a sales package to help them promote the film. As they sell shares, they will be rewarded with either a cash cut or a fraction of a share, TBD. And of course, everyone on the team will also be graced with the title of producer in the credits. Sounds good to me!

By dividing the labor, we increase our chances of raising the half million needed to make the film. Together, our group has a bigger network than any one of us alone. Dan’s already created the LLC to provide the business structure for the film. Now we have to consult our attorney, Richard Lee, to see if the LLC can accommodate the large number of investors we would like to have. Dan’s recollection is that there are 35 members max for the LLC by law.

Stay tuned as we figure out the nuts and bolts of selling shares and getting “Nominated” filmed! In the meantime, check out our trailer.

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