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I’m baaaaaaaaaack!!

Hello, friends. Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger. No posts for two and a half years. Who does that and continues to claim to be a blogger? Uh…me? I think you will all forgive me once I explain. I’ve been producing three documentary films over those two and a half years. One of the films, “With You,” a documentary about September 11 hero Mark Bingham and his mother Alice Hoagland, had a sneak-preview screening at the 35th Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco and Outfest: The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It is now zipping toward an official festival premiere, and we hope broadcast. Two years ago, we were raising close to $100,000 to finish the film and get it into distribution. The second film, “Jack London: Twentieth Century Man,” is the film my husband, Chris Million is directing. It tells the story of American literary giant Jack London and will be the first feature documentary about the author and his times. We raised $100,000 last year to now take the film into editing for completion in 2013. Last but not least is “A Permanent Mark: Agent Orange in America and Vietnam,” the film that I have been producing and directing about Agent Orange. My inspiration for making this film is the death of my stepfather, Bob Macher, from his exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. I am now applying for major grants for “A Permanent Mark” as I also hire an editor and begin the process of cutting a feature-length rough-cut. I’ve been busy, damn it! So who the hell has time to blog? But the good news is, I have a LOT more information and real, tangible stories from the fundraising trenches to share with you all. Starting this week, I am going to start telling my riveting tales of woe and triumph from the fundraising front. I think you will agree that my blogging hiatus was well worth it. Stay tuned for more posts about all the excitement from the fundraising campaigns of all three films! In fundraising solidarity, Holly Million

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