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Real-Time Fundraising: WITH YOU’s New Campaign

I’ve been writing up case-studies of the fundraising I did for two separate documentary films — WITH YOU and JACK LONDON: 20TH CENTURY MAN. Well, things just amped up for WITH YOU. Instead of blogging about our past fundraising success, I’m going to post over the coming weeks about our NEW fundraising campaign to raise $20K by April 20.

In 2011, WITH YOU had two amazing work-in-progress screenings, one at the Frameline Film Festival and the other at Outfest in L.A. We got a lot of good audience input from those screenings. For the past 20 months, we’ve been completing the film while also figuring out our path forward. We needed to have a world festival premiere, an OFFICIAL premiere, with press write-ups and the green light to show off the film to potential broadcasters. Without an official premiere, our journey was over….but we did not give up.

WITH YOU is now called THE RUGBY PLAYER. The name change supports our stepping onto a very big stage. Look out, world! Here comes THE RUGBY PLAYER, a documentary about Mark Bingham and Alice Hoagland. It’s official! The world tour of THE RUGBY PLAYER begins April 29th with our official world premiere at The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. This is one of the top GLBT festivals in the world. We are already under consideration at other high profile festivals, and we will make more announcements. This is the road that leads to national exposure, as well as attention from potential broadcasters. We announced to our 755 Facebook friends, 400 email contacts on Vertical Response, and dozens of friends who need to receive a fundraising request by direct letter that we aim to raise $20K between now and April 20 to support the film on the road ahead. For every $250 you donate before April 20, you will earn one chance to win A TRIP FOR TWO TO THE MIAMI GAY AND LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL. Donations of any amount are welcome and tax deductible. In all of our outreach, we tell people to click here to find out more: We will keep sharing details in the days ahead. Thank you all! Since launching our fundraising campaign on March 22, we are already off to the races! We have raised $2,850 total in our campaign for THE RUGBY PLAYER (formerly WITH YOU)! Today I asked, can you help us cross the $3,000 mark today? For each $250 you donate, you get one chance for the prize drawing of a TRIP FOR TWO TO MIAMI! This money completes technical work for the film and supports it on the road ahead. Can’t donate $250? DONATE ANY AMOUNT YOU CAN. All gifts are tax-deductible. Thank you all for believing in THE RUGBY PLAYER. Over the past several days, I sent direct, personal Facebook messages to individuals from our list asking for $250, $500 or any amount. These are people who have either given at that level in the past or who are probably capable of making a gift of that amount. Having the drawing of a trip to the festival is a new tactic we are trying for the first time. We think this is working since most of the contributions made since we launched the campaign are $250 or more. We are able to launch and complete this sort of campaign because we worked so hard over the years to build up a contact list and we stayed in touch with people all along the way, letting them know our trials and tribulations and every success along the way. I’ll keep posting updates about how the fundraising campaign is going all along the way to the finish line. Wish us luck! — In fundraising solidarity, Holly Million

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