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Funder Feature: Gucci Tribeca Doc Fund

If you are starting to plan (or worry) about where you will apply for grants for your documentary this year, then take a look at the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund.

Their website says that:

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund provides finishing funds to feature-length documentaries which highlight and humanize issues of social importance from around the world. Funded films are driven by thoughtful and indepth storytelling, bolstered by a compelling visual approach.

As mainstream media moves away from in-depth coverage of world affairs, domestic issues and social conflicts, the documentary has become an important and much needed tool to draw attention to the serious issues facing our world today. At the same time, the craft of the documentary is expanding in exciting directions, merging diverse points-of-view with new technologies and responding to the immediacy of the internet.

They are looking for films that cover issues ignored by the mainstream media and which humanize people who are ignored or ostracized. Show them something unique and compelling

This fund gives away about $100,000 per year in grants that range in size from $10,000 to $25,000. That’s probably not going to be enough to put your film to bed, but it would be a nice chunk of change to move it in that direction. Projects in development or production are not eligible — surprise! To be eligible, projects must be at least 70 minutes long.

This is a ferociously competitive fund, so make sure to look at the site and check out the types of films that have won grants in the past.

You can submit an application for the next round of grants starting in October 2010 and continuing through January 2012. You’ll submit online forms and also deliver materials to the Gucci Tribeca office. One of the required elements is a trailer at least 7 minutes long.

So start planning now if you want to apply — you don’t want to wait until December to start thinking about making that close of deadline in January.

In fundraising solidarity,
Holly Million