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Next on The Money Couch: Events for Indie Films

Coming up Monday, June 8, at 7:00 PM Pacific Time on my Internet radio show, The Money Couch: Indie Film Edition, I’ll be interviewing film fundraising and house-party guru Morrie Warshawski. We will be talking about “Successful Fundraising Events for Indie Filmmakers.” Sure, you’ve wanted to raise money through an event, but do you know what it will take to make the event a success? Morrie knows.

Morrie Warshawski is a consultant, facilitator and writer who has spent 30 years specializing in the nonprofit sector. His work is characterized by a commitment to the core values of creativity, thoughtfulness, tolerance and transparency. Warshawski works with nonprofits that are having difficulty achieving their goals. He helps them reach their dreams through strategic planning.

Morrie is also the author of Shaking the Money Tree: How To Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video, 2nd Edition and The Fundraising Houseparty: How to Party with a Purpose and Raise Money for Your Cause – 2nd Edition.

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Come join us on The Money Couch.