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A Helluva Camp Featured Presenter — Michael Williams

Just three more days until A Helluva Camp for Indie Filmmakers! The camp is taking place at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center, 145 Ninth Street in San Francisco on Saturday, January 23, 2010.

For more information, to register, or to see the full line-up of presenters, visit

One of our featured presenters is Michael V. Williams.

Michael Williams is a producer/editor in the San Francisco Bay Area with over twenty years of experience in the television industry. Michael is that rare breed of professional that brings expertise to both producing and editing television and video projects. His company, VernonVision, is a fully equipped facility offering the latest non-linear editing technology including Final Cut Studio, Motion Graphics, Variable video compression up to 10-bit uncompressed, Serial digital & component input/output, Output to Video, DVD, CD-ROM, or Web. Mike is the founder of GuruTube provides objective information on a variety of subjects delivered by industry experts. Through the medium of video, the viewer is better able to understand and retain the content as well as the context. The goal of GuruTube is for Web video to become a primary means of information and education. GuruTube’s video presentations do not sell a particular brand or product. The focus of each video is simply the best, most recent and most useful information available.

Mike’s presentation at A Helluva Camp for Indie Filmmakers is entitled “Get Your Film on the Internet Today.”

A Helluva Camp for Indie Filmmakers is one full day, includes breakfast, lunch, and Peet’s coffee and tea, and a whole line-up of presenters on subjects such as fundraising, distribution, marketing, and the latest technical info for indie filmmakers.

Discount registration of $145 before January 22, 2010.

Find out more at
Or, email

In fundraising solidarity,
Holly Million

News Blast for A Helluva Camp!

NEWS RELEASE Contact: Maureen Futtner
For Release: December 1, 2009 (415) 637-3280

“A Helluva Camp” provides training for nonprofit rebels and indie filmmakers

San Francisco, CA – As the economy faces a ‘jobless recovery,’ creative entrepreneurs are emerging in all sectors and industries. While gumption counts for a lot, entrepreneurs still require hard skills and information to successfully launch an enterprise. Fundraising expert and author Holly Million helps big thinkers translate their vision into practical plans with A Helluva Camp, day-long mini-conferences presented by Million’s Golden Poppy Productions. The series of workshops is designed to provide filmmakers, nonprofit idealists and other social-change agents with a solid knowledgebase and up-to-the minute information. A Helluva Camp for Indie Filmmakers takes place on Jan. 23, 2010; A Helluva Camp for Nonprofit Rebels is on Jan. 30, 2010; and A Helluva Camp on Film Production from Idea to Internet is offered on April 24, 2010. All workshops are at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center, 145 Ninth Street, San Francisco. Registration ranges from $125 to $250 with discounts for early registration. Registration includes breakfast, lunch and Peet’s coffee and teas. For more information visit or call 415-902-0558.

Million developed A Helluva Camp to equip today’s change-agents with the tools necessary to transform the broken-down systems in today’s world. The series also aims to foster the “can-do” spirit emerging amid the economic shake-up. “The rewards go to the person willing to make her own opportunities, not wait for opportunity to pull up in a limo,” says Million. “If you’re a motivated, creative individual, you’ll seize this moment to start your own venture, launch your own creative project and make your own job.”

With topics such as “Caviar PR on a Baked-Bean Budget” and “How to Ask People For Money,” A Helluva Camp provides thorough and compelling content with a fired-up attitude. Million is committed to presenting relevant information in a fun and accessible format. The mini-conferences feature instructors who are not only working professionals, but also entrepreneurs in their own right.

Tom Lin, a veteran of the online advertising world for such corporations as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo, participated in Million’s recent workshop on Web 2.0 tools for film fundraising. “I’m very familiar with Web 2.0 and, as a filmmaker, I’ve attended classes that speak to these tools, but none of them successfully brought it all together until I participated in Holly’s workshop,” notes Lin. “Hers was the best I’ve ever attended. Thanks, Holly!”


A Helluva CampTM is sponsored by Golden Poppy Productions, LLC, Ninth Street Media Center, A Million Images,, Women’s Film Institute, New Documentary Editing

— A Helluva Camp (TM) for Indie Filmmakers— January 23, 2010
This camp is designed for new filmmakers and people switching to the film field and presents info on fundraising, marketing, the latest technology, distribution, and much more.

— A Helluva Camp (TM) for Nonprofit Rebels — January 30, 2010
This camp is designed for people who are starting new nonprofits or who want to change the ways of existing nonprofits and presents info on fundraising, PR, the latest technology, board development, and much more.

— A Helluva CampTM on Film Production from Idea to Internet — April 24, 2010
This camp is geared to somewhat more experienced filmmakers who want information on shooting, capturing, editing, and uploading footage to the Internet to take advantage of new, affordable ways to get their media into the world.


See My Fundraising Videos on

I’m plugging a new website called that my friend Michael V. Williams has launched. According to the website, GuruTube is a “new website dedicated to objective, informational videos by widely acknowledged experts in a variety of fields and disciplines.” I have two videos on the site, one dedicated to nonprofit emergency fundraising, and the other an overview of the nuts and bolts of what it takes to be successful at indie film fundraising.

Other gurus on the site include David Meerman Scott, a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, seminar leader, and the author of the hit new book World Wide Rave, as well as Paul Gillin, a long-time technology journalist who’s worked almost exclusively online since 1999. He advises marketers and business executives on strategies to optimize their use of social media and online channels to reach buyers cost-effectively. In addition to consulting and writing, he does speaking engagements and seminars. He has a knack for simplifying complex concepts and making technology trends understandable.

Check out and continue to visit the site as it grows and expands. Now you can get your dose of expert advice in video form.