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The Victory Lap: It Came From Kuchar

I was talking to my good friend, Jennifer M. Kroot, about the string of film festivals she has been traveling to for the past couple weeks and will continue traveling to for a couple weeks to come. Jennifer is not a big fan of travel in general. But this time, it’s different. It’s her chance to bask in the afterglow of all the hard work she has done to take her documentary film, It Came From Kuchar, from a little twinkle in her eye to a great, big, feature-length documentary that is totally first rate.

I reminded Jennifer that these festivals are her “victory lap,” the payoff for the struggle, the Herculean efforts at fundraising we went through, the long, dark nights and days in the edit suite, and on and on.

We raised nearly $110,000 in grant monies for the film with the rest of the budget coming from individuals. The Creative Work Fund/span> deserves a rousing round of applause for providing the first big grant. I can tell you that the first grant is always crucial to get the fundraising skids greased up. I can also tell you that this was some of the hardest fundraising I have ever done, because when we started foundations were already turning away from film. Luckily, we finished our efforts before the latest economic meltdown.

If you would like to see the fruits of our labors, come see It Came From Kuchar on Sunday, June 21 at 6:30 PM at the Castro Theatre when the film screens in the Frameline LGBT Film Festival. Both Kuchar brothers, George and Mike, will be on hand to receive a lifetime achievement award from Frameline.

Oh, yes, and I’ll be there, too, along with my husband, Chris Million, the DP of the film, to answer any questions you may have about that fundraising highway to hell that we survived. Glad to swap war stories anytime!

In fundraising solidarity,
Holly Million

Follow Me to the SXSW Film Festival

I produced the documentary film, It Came From Kuchar, directed by Jennifer Kroot, which is having its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in March. While at the festival, I am going to be blogging for, the film website and blogs of the San Francisco Film Society, where I write a column called “Fear Free Fundraising.” My husband, DP Chris Million, who shot It Came From Kuchar is also attending the festival and working on assignment as a vlogger for Chris is directing his own documentary, Jack London: Twentieth Century Man, which has received grant funding from the California Council for the Humanities.

Chris and I plan to post content from our festival explorations on, but also on this blog. Stay tuned for interviews with Jennifer Kroot, George Kuchar, and other luminaries from SXSW. I hope to run into Kari Nevil, Jennifer Steinman, and Erin Essenmacher, three Bay Area filmmakers I know who are also having films premiere at the festival.

Since I am writing a new book, A Helluva Guide to Indie Film Fundraising, I will also be on the prowl for interviews with filmmakers who are willing to share their tales from the trenches on how they secured money for their indie films. If you are an indie filmmaker who plans to attend SXSW, please drop me a line. You may end up in my blog posts, Chris’s video diaries, or in my book, where your exalted tales of fundraising victory will inspire generations of filmmakers to come!