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“The Money Couch” Offers Filmmakers Online, Downloadable Fundraising Tips

Are you looking for bite-sized tips and real examples of fundraising knowledge in action? Then tune in to The Money Couch: Film Edition on I launched The Money Couch to address filmmakers’ need for fundraising insights and information in short soundbites that can be listened to online or downloaded to a computer for future reference. Some of the recent topics covered on The Money Couch: Film Edition have included “What’s in a Winning Proposal,” “Hella Hot Tips for Individual Donor Fundraising,” “Donor Cultivation for Filmmakers,” and more. Future episodes of the show will feature interesting, knowledgeable guests including those representing funders, sponsors, investors, and filmmakers who are veterans of the fundraising process. If you have a suggested topic for us to cover on The Money Couch: Film Edition, please email me at So tune in, turn on, and raise funds!