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Follow the Birth of “Nominated”

I recently signed up as the producer for a new indie feature called Nominated. Written and directed by Dan Pavlik, Nominated tells the story of washed-up former child star Mickey Monroe who’s been “on the outs” for one long, hard skid. Now Mickey finds himself nominated for an Oscar. It could be his shot at redemption. Or — more likely — another round of stupendous self-destruction. His agent, Blake, tries to fend off disaster by tricking Mickey into staying at Blake’s remote mountain cabin for a week so Blake can manage the press and keep Mickey out of trouble. Unfortunately, trouble has a way of finding Mickey, no matter where he goes.

Dan Pavlik and David Baptist co-wrote an excellent screenplay. So excellent that I agreed to come on board to help raise the funds to make the film. This one will definitely be a learning experience for me. Our budget is $2 million on the high end, or about $500,000 on the low end. We will be attempting to secure equity financing for the film, although such funding is hard to come by, and there are few equity investors in the Bay Area, where we and the film are based.

The good news is that we have signed on casting director Nina Henninger, an experienced hand at casting major commercial features in the Bay Area. We’ve also signed on Carl Lumbly, a veteran actor of television and film, to play the plum role of Ray, the blind, African-American neighbor of Blake’s cabin getaway. And, best of all, an A-list Hollywood actor is now reading the script. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the screenplay “sings” to him, because if he signs on, then we really do have a shot at getting some real money.

Stay tuned as I give periodic updates to our process of running down the dough for this indie feature. If you want to see behind the scenes on an indie feature’s fundraising process, this is the place to do it.